Friday, April 17, 2009

Looking at Licking

Welcome to The Lens Licker, a place to learn about digital photography.

I bet you have a plethora of questions about digital photography. How do I take better pictures? Whats the difference between IS and ISO? Who on earth would actually lick a lens? How do I take sharper pictures? Are drop bears as dangerous as my Australian friend says? Wouldn't licking a lens be a bad idea?

I'll tell you now, the answer to the last two is a resounding yes.

I began digital photography about 18 months ago. I make no claims to be inspiring or professional. But I remember what it was like entering the digital realm, and I want to pass on what I have learned in those 18 months to anyone who cares to read. I'm going to start from the ground up. Some of this will be written as I learn it, because I never plan on stopping learning.

To see some of my work, have a look at or

For now, keep on licking.

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